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Mike Volpe

Purpose of Life

At the end of our lives there are only two things that will matter: the actions we took while alive and the difference that we made in the world. During our lifetime we are obsessed and fascinated without thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. Sometimes we even spend our whole life dreaming without acting upon these powerful ambitions. For in the end, the only thing that will matter is the dreams where were accomplished, not the dreams which were thought about.

​During life, we are offended and we offend other people. We want to prove we are right and that others are wrong. We sometimes hurt others and we have most certainly been hurt as well. Many of us keep pretending that our existence is a never ending game. Especially when we are younger, we don’t consider the fact that life will come to an end. We believe we have ample time and ample chances to become the person we hope to be.


​We make goals,  we plan to do great things, we dream of extraordinary and even imaginary things and we live and breathe the thought that one day, some day we’ll do these things. But for most of us, that day will never come. We spend our lives planning to perfect ourselves and our existence yet we do not take time to put the plans into action. We tend to be content with plans and goals, knowing we will always have something to strive towards, even if we never take the first steps to do so.

​The secret of life is to have a task, something you devote your entire life to. If you are passionate about this task, than most of the time it will benefit humankind. You will change a heart, spread a message, inspire a soul or create a destiny. We can own our lives instead of pretending that our lives belong to fate. The only way to take ownership over our very beings is to combine motivation, willpower and aspiration to become what we were meant to be and live life hard and fully.

​When that day comes and we leave this world, we will be at peace knowing that we lived everyday as if it were our last and we kindled every passionate fire that life has to offer.