Don’t be afraid to get creative
and experiment with your marketing.

Mike Volpe

Today’s Life

Today’s life is hectic, fast paced and at times, even impersonal. When the cashier at the coffee shop asks how you are doing, your typical response is “good and you?” Does the cashier care about how you feel? Do you care about how the cashier is feeling? We pitter patter about like cordial robots, doing day to day things to support ourselves and our families, rarely stopping to do something out of the ordinary.​

The priorities of life get pushed aside by worldly demands. These priorities are ones such as dreaming, learning, and growing. The simple joy of wonderment seems out of reach each day. We often are overwhelmed with the many roles we play throughout the day. We’re mothers and fathers, bosses and line staff, friends and siblings, neighbors and community leaders. We’re so busy with the daily grind that we lose eight of the purpose of life.

People who know what they really want in this life are clear and focused with activities which are relevant to them. Writers will write, photographers take pictures, missionaries travel to far and distant countries to help the less fortunate.  This clear and focused attitude will open the doors to abundant choices and opportunities.  The clarity empowers the ability to believe in what is being done and what actions are being taken. Each journey is a series of small steps and tasks and with successful completion of each, more paths will become evident and open up to more unraveled roads.​

When it comes down to it, all we want it today’s life is to love, be loved and be secure. If we take the time to step outside of our busy lives and examine the society surrounding us, we might make new discoveries about our world and even ourselves. The key is to take time out for yourself, allow yourself to be in awe of something greater than yourself whether it be human potential, nature, art, music, or humanity.