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Mike Volpe


Motivation is an emotion that allows you to have the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of whether you feel like it or not. One of the main reasons people fail to achieve their goals is because of inaction. It is easy to say or think about what you are going to do but actually doing what you say you will do takes commitment. It is not that people have a hard time taking action once. Anyone can motivate themselves to get to the gym to workout one time. It is being able to consistently take action that is a challenge for most people.

I find I have to keep motivating myself to keep pushing to the limit. As I walk along, my thoughts tend to meander back to Joplin. When I arrived there was a group of kids, both young and older, from Oklahoma. A few days after their group departed Joplin, a few of the kids returned with a friend to continue volunteering for 2 more weeks. That was very inspiring to me, that young kids could be so motivated to make a difference.


There was a lady in Joplin who had diabetes. She was an older woman, and I witnessed a moment where her blood sugar was so high she needed insulin immediately.  Despite her condition and her age, this woman stayed in Joplin to help out any way she could. She tended to make pancakes for our breakfast each day so we could have the strength to carry out the labor ahead. This was her special way of contributing to the reconstruction efforts.

These are the people that, when I am alone on my walk on those very hot days, inspire me to push forward and continue along the Trail.  Throughout history, people have used inspirational stories to teach, encourage, and motivate in hopes that the listener will use it as a stepping stone and as an example to live a better life. Some stories will make you think, others will make you cry. Hopefully at least one story will give you that motivation to go and follow your dreams.

The important thing to remember when you want to do something is to do it. Nothing is more of a waste than to be inspired and motivated and not take any action. Your life will only change as a result of taking a focused action. An inspirational story is nothing if it doesn’t cause you to do something or at least believe in yourself.