Don’t be afraid to get creative
and experiment with your marketing.

Mike Volpe


There are two types of persona found within the world. The first is comprised of people who need to make a positive difference because they value contribution and derive satisfaction from meaningful work. The second is made up of people who feel validated by tangible benefits, for example, winning should be rewarded.

​While these two types exist, it is a myth that each one of us has a fixed, self limiting personality. Personality, as a concept, is merely an illusion for it can be changed at will.


It is a tragedy that most people will live trapped inside their own personalities throughout their entire lives without ever knowing what is truly there. They become victims of their own limits, placed upon themselves by ignorance of life outside their personalized definition. Each day is unclear as the fire within their soul grows dimmer. People become victims, believing all power lies outside of them.

There are others who take full responsibility for their life and tap into the power of the human spirit. They are not bounded by a bleak definition of self imposed standards. We all have the ability to chose our thoughts and embody an optimistic or pessimistic perspective.

​It is important to understand that our future is not determined by our personality. We are the driver who determines who we are and who we will become. It is never too late to act upon this understanding for we are either living our dreams or living someone else’s.