Don’t be afraid to get creative
and experiment with your marketing.

Mike Volpe


A vision can revolutionize, build, and at times, even motivate. However, sometimes we may feel very secure in our comfort zone. We close ourselves off to new ideas and stubbornly bask in the familiar glow of monotony. Our reality could use some spice but we believe it is just fine the way it is. It becomes easy to stay in a familiar zone while waiting to receive a vision. This waiting is futile. You do not have to wait until you receive a vision. A vision can be created at any time and can be changed if you so desire, but never live a day longer without a vision of your own.

A wise person once said, “We see what we want to see, unless we make a conscious effort to see what is really there.” This is true, in fact, at times the blueprint to our own vision is laid before us and we don’t even recognize it. It is always our personal choice as to how we want to see the world. If we chose to see setbacks than we’ll become enslaved by setbacks. If we choose to see opportunities, than our opportunities will multiply.


We must remember that only true and authentic visions will provide us the power to change behaviors and pave our path to success. We must not only create these visions, but believe they will grow and prosper as well. We have to discover the beauty of our creativity, personal strengths and talents to build a vision powerful enough to impact the things we believe. We must believe with our whole heart and soul and mind. Only then can we combine our desires and our vision to create a new reality.