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Mike Volpe

Another Beautiful Hot Day

Yesterday it was another long and hot day. I was walking mostly along a country road which turned to gravel at certain times. This walk was like many of my walks where the temperature was so high and there was little shade around. There were no places to stop for water and I ran out of water in the middle of the day. It was kind of a dangerous situation given the heat.

I started to think about my time in Joplin when the temperature was always over 100 degrees. Now the weather remains in the 100s and will continue to be that way for the remainder of the Trail.

Since I have been subjected to fierce heat a lot, I am thinking about adjusting my walking pattern. Today I’m taking the day off and am planning on creating the final schedule for the last part of my walk to Oklahoma.

It is daunting knowing that I will face these conditions to the very end but I must have hope and carry on, keeping my spirit resilient and strong.