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Mike Volpe

Visiting The Shawnee Indian Mission

Today I visited the Shawnee Indian Mission in Fairway, Kansas. When I woke up this morning I left my motel early and skipped breakfast since the closest place to eat was an hour and a half in the opposite direction from the Mission.

The historic site is comprised of three buildings. One is currently a private residence and two serve as exhibits. One of the buildings was closed when I arrived so I only had the opportunity to tour one building.  This building didn’t have that much information on Indian history.


 I did read a little excerpt stating that the US policy of relocating Indian tribes did not take into account the varied lifestyles of the tribes. Hunting was an important part of the Delaware and Shawnee life, while the Iowa and Kickapoo tribes traditionally were farmers. Upon arrival in Kansas, many tribes found the living conditions to be unfamiliar and difficult.

I was kind of expecting more since it was sponsored by the Kansas Historical Society. There was a lady who worked at the exhibit but she was in the middle of working on something and I seemed to be bothering her.

It was good to visit even if I couldn’t find much information on regarding the Indian history.