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Mike Volpe

Crossing Into Kansas

Yesterday I crossed over into Kansas near Kansas City.  As I approached closer and closer to the city, the traffic on the road I was walking on picked up quite a bit. Kansas City reminds me of many other cities, big, crowded and full of traffic. I was surrounded by cars as I continued to press onward through the heat.

Today I am taking a nice rest. Over the next couple days, I’ll be in and around the Kansas City area. I will be going to Shawnee Mission, an area in Fairway, Kansas which served as a manual training school for children from the Shawnee, Delaware, and other Indian nations from 1839 until 1854.


 I am also planning on visiting the White Church Cemetery in Kansas City. The Church and cemetery were founded in 1831 by Reverend Thomas Johnson and his brother Reverend William Johnson as part of a Methodist Mission to the Lenape Indians. The White Church is the oldest church in Kansas City. The cemetery is the last resting place for many of the Lenape Indians that were served by the Mission as well as pioneers involved in service to the Mission and the Delaware tribe.

I’m hoping the weather will stay on the cooler side but I fear my walk south through Kansas will be the hardest part of my journey. The heat combined with long stretches of distance from motels and places of rest are going to make for a rigorous walk. I’m choosing to focus on the present and trying not to think about that eminent future.