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Mike Volpe

Back to Penn Treaty Park in Fishtown, Philadelphia, Pa

Back to the Penn Treaty Park

           It has been almost a full month since I completed the Trail of Hope. I am still having a difficult time adjusting. My mind keeps rewinding back to memories of walking and the Trail in general. Recently I worked on organizing all of the photographs I took along the way. It was wonderful revisiting the many different sites of the Trail.

            Since I have been back in Philadelphia, I’ve taken a few walks down to Penn Treaty Park. It was a great feeling to be able to walk on those grounds which helped build inspiration and origins for the Trail. It will always remain a very special park to me as well as generations of Fishtown residents who frequent the historic riverside area.


            The community is making great strides in preserving and maintaining the park. Last evening, the Friends of Penn Treaty Park hosted the 6th annual “Champagne in the Park” event. Residents and friends gathered to enjoy champagne and share in each other’s company while financially supporting the maintenance of Penn Treaty Park. I attended the event and enjoyed talking and connecting with the wonderful people who want to support this special piece of history any way they can.

            In the continuing tradition of fostering community, the Fishtown Neighbors Association will be hosting the 4th annual RiverCity Festival on Saturday, October 1st from 12pm to 5pm at Penn Treaty Park. The event will feature local food, beer, vendors and family activities.

It is important to recognize that the values of Penn’s Treaty of Love, Peace, and Amity still radiate throughout the Philadelphia area today.