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Mike Volpe

Back in the Saddle Again

Ever since I’ve returned to Philadelphia, I’ve been tying up lose ends and acclimating to life after the Trail of Hope. Things have been quite busy since my return.

            About a month ago I traveled back to Warsaw, Poland to visit my parents. I had a wonderful visit but my mind was captured by the reality of time. It was bittersweet to see my parents, succumbing to the inevitable power of old age. I was happy I could visit but sad I had to leave them when it was time to head back to America.

            On October 21st, I held a photo exhibit, entitled “Fruits of Solitude,” at the Penn Treaty Park Museum which featured photos I took on the Trail. I had a great time talking with visitors about my experience. There will be another photography exhibit in early January.


            I miss the peace and solitude I experienced while walking on the Trail. I am grateful I have these photos which instantly transport my mind to the vivid memories of walking, visiting and exploring 2,000 miles of life and history. Recently I’ve started jogging again. What magnificent feelings to have the wind blow my hair and the river flow by as my feet hit the solid ground! It is almost as if I am on the Trail again, walking mile after mile, taking in all I see.

            The Trail of Hope may be complete but the spirit of the journey must be kept alive. I want to keep alit the flame of Hope and maintain the connections created throughout the Trail. Love, Peace and Amity can be a part of our everyday lives. We just have to believe in ourselves and live life with a purpose.