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Mike Volpe

Rediscovering the Seed of Peace

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Holding his dream in his heart, William Penn sighted the Delaware Bay in 1682 and arrived at Shackamaxon, where he was greeted by its inhabitants, Lenape Indians.
It was here, next to the gently flowing waters of the Delaware River, and under the shade of Great Elm tree William Penn entered into the Great Treaty with Chief Tamanend.
Those two leaders made a covenant of peace, love and friendship with one another. A powerful commitment witnessed before heaven and earth. It spoke of Faith and Unity, and it spoke of Hope.

Let’s Celebrate that Hope.

Rediscovering the SEED of Peace

The 1st. anniversary of the 2000 MILE WALK on The Trail of Hope.

To raise awareness of the significance of Chief Tamanend, William Penn’s Treaty of Friendship and its principals of social justice, peace, liberty, freedom, and mutual respect, while connecting the history of our past to the events of present day, the Trail of Hope brings together universal truths among humankind. 


Here is a schedule of this Celebration of Hope:

It will be held Saturday, March 24, 2012. It’s open to All and All are welcome.

8:30am — Gathering in the Penn Treaty Park.
9:00am – Leaving the Park; start of the 11 miles walk.
2:00pm – arriving at Haverford College; gathering under a descendant of the Great Elm Tree, where celebration will take place.

Walking 11 miles is not necessary; you’re very welcome to join us at any point.
My sincere thanks to Haverford Collage Arboretum for their constant support, good heart and generosity.
William Penn approached Chief Tamanend:
“The great Spirit, who made me and you, who rules the heavens and the earth, and who knows the innermost thoughts of men, knows that I and my friends have a hearty desire to live in peace and friendship with you.”
Chief Tamanend declared:
“We will live in love with William Penn and his children as long as the creeks and rivers run, and while the sun and moon and stars endure.”
Shackamaxon, present day Fishtown – Philadelphia neighborhood in pictures.