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The Life we Live and the Life we Choose

The actual Way of Saint James, el Camino de Santiago

  towards the Spanish and Le Chemin de Saint Jacques is actually a 1,000-year old pathway from France to northern Spain.

Millions of pilgrims stepped throughout the years. Some journey by foot, a few cycle bikes as well as some also by horse back. There are a number diverse tracks and beginnings of the trail. The actual walk leads to the town of Santiago de Compostela exactly where the remains of Saint James are laid to rest.

Backpackers walk the trail as a quest and a way of experiencing and uncovering personal life. There are a lot of unique causes for trekking the Camino de Santiago.                  

Catholics tend to be hiking as a faith based pilgrimage, a journey of amazing christian importance adhering to in the actions of many other pilgrims. Some others tend to be walking for a spiritual magnitude, seeking to restore to discover or …..


It’s Never Too Late to Find The Way

The WAY (taken from Facebook)

“THE WAY” a film on the Camino de Santiago trail.

“THE WAY” delivers numerous messages for those who desire to hear.

It had been created as well as directed by Emilio Estevez, and had been filmed fully in Spain and France alongside the actual Camino de Santiago.

THE WAY is a strong as well as inspirational tale around family, friends and the obstacles all of us encounter while walking this ever-changing and challenging entire world.

Martin Sheen plays Tom, an American physician who arrives to France to recover the remains of his grownup son (performed by Emilio Estevez), who died while trekking the particular Camino de Santiago.

To pay tribute to his son’s wish to complete the trail, Tom makes a decision to embark on the famous pilgrimage.

As many walking the trail, so is Tom, will discover their own personal significance in the journey, and the powerful outcome this trip will have. En route, Tom encounters various other pilgrims from around the globe, each and every one with their individual quest and searching for higher significance within their existence.

 Little by little Tom starts to understand exactly what it signifies to be a citizen of the world. Through many unforeseen encounters along “The Way”, Tom learns the actual distinction between:   

“The Life we Live and the Life we Choose.”

Estevez has pointed out in interviews that the film is really a spiritual movie and not a religious one. Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post writes that “The Way” rewards are as rich for the secular as for the more spiritually inclined.”

THE WAY – Official Trailer