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Mike Volpe

A Time to Sing, a time to Dance, a time to Celebrate

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The Truly Amazing Elm Tree agreement at Shackamaxon perceived right before heaven and earth William Penn and Chief Tamanend representing their unique nations, created the understanding of peacefulness, friendship along with love. This assembly was not to trade or even acquire any territory but to rejoice and confirm the friendly relationship of love and dedication. Next towards the moving rich waters of the Delaware River and beneath the outstretched boughs of a Great Elm tree has been recognized what has been known as the Great Treaty. Reviewing out of books relates this history regarding the agreement created among these two nations as:

Great Elm Tree at Haverford Collage

There endures just the basic oral custom concerning the actual Great Elm, and the certain recollections associated with an aged woman that stated to have got seen the actual event as a youthful young lady. The woman recalled it strongly not due to the fact she recognized at the time its historic importance: parleys with the Indians had been frequent situations on the frontier in those days. She remembered it clearly due to the fact Penn had been the handsomest person she had ever before experienced, prior to or even since. This woman furthermore informed of the special event following the actual agreement formalities concluded. The attractive Penn had been wondrous, his state of mind overflowing. He consumed the Indian meals with relish, and settled to learn their own language so he could communicate with his brand new friends personally.

And then something remarkable occurred that created the night even more unforgettable to the young girl. The Indians started dancing in celebration, to jump as well as jump with the throb of the drums, and to whoop and chant their particular unusual sounds. 


Ultimately Penn could contain himself no longer. no occasion for dismal sternness. Then there he was, amazingly, there was Governor William Penn up dancing with the Indians, bouncing and screaming and wiggling as if trying to be more Indian than the Indians.

Turning from the wonder of the young lady at this good looking gentleman dancing with abandon, we can just picture the actual surprise of Penn’s party at this particular break of decorum. Had Penn completely taken depart of his senses?

For short lived time a few must have worried that Penn would remove off his garments to totally free his braches. 

There was a time for dignity, and a time for ecstasy. 

It is this agreement, the particular covenant created among these two nations that became a witness and an instance towards the nations when these two individuals’ communities accepted each other beneath the Great Elm on the banks of the awesome Delaware River: the Indians and the white man. 

This had been a strong precedent which kept within its Genetics a value of all individuals. It talked of trust and unity. It spoke of hope. This has been the creating blocks of independence.

These two nations, represented by their particular leaders, William Penn and Chief Tamanend, created a agreement of peace, friendship and love, one with the other. An important strong dedication was exchanged face to face and heart to heart. It was the required component needed for maintaining both these nations together within a enduring relationship of common admiration and love.

Of this Great Treaty, Voltaire, the French author stated: “the only league made between those nations which was never sworn to by oath, and never violated.”

Let’s celebrate; March 24 will mark first anniversary of the Trail of Hope.Everybody is invited to join me in a commemorating walk this day from Penn Treaty Park to the descendent of Great Elm in Haverford. (11 miles)

Much more information to follow…. Come one, come all … Let’s Celebrate!