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Mike Volpe


Many have tried before, but I guess it takes special charisma to fulfill the task. For decades many more very committed people persisted on recognizing Penn Treaty Park as a historic place. And for decades nothing happened.

There are times when we discover that life’s circumstances are not always what we might wish them to be. There are moments in our lives when things do not go as planned. Yet we cannot allow those unpredictable obstacles hold us back from putting our efforts into choosing a path to work towards direction of our goals.

And this Saturday, we’ll have a chance to meet some of those amazing people, a very special individuals.


Thanks to them, and their persistence and countless efforts at last, Pent Treaty Park has been recognized by Philadelphia Historical Commission and placed on the Registrar of Philadelphia Historic Places.

At Last - Recognition of Penn Treaty Park

Penn Treaty Museum is proud to host a Celebrationto recognize the listing of Penn Treaty Park on  the Registrar of Philadelphia Historic Places.

Saturday, May 12, 2012  @ 12 Noon at Penn Treaty Park -Delaware and Columbia Ave.

Music -Kensington Creative and Performing Arts(CAPA) High School-Drum Line


  • New Kensington CDC
  • Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Parks & Recreation
  • Barbara Morehead, Friends of Penn Treaty Park

The collection of the Penn Treaty Museum will be open to the public 1-3 PM immediately after the ceremony.