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and experiment with your marketing.

Mike Volpe

Life’s inner thoughts

Looking at Mother Nature one can easily notice that diverseness is precisely what provides the natural world not only with its magnificence and beauty, but additionally its capability and strength. 
Existence wouldn’t blossom if everything was virtually identical.

Our emotions and thoughts are exactly what link us to our genuine truth and allow us to develop into much more conscious of what’s taking place within the facade. 
Yet, for most people, it’s complicated to be aware of or express our emotion because we’ve been accustomed to neglect or not recognize our inner thoughts.
We all are so different and distinctive, with various interests, pursuits, as well as talents. We were created to convey and rejoice all of those diverse shades! As a culture, we’ve been squeezed into the status quo for way too long.
Once we make it possible for ourselves to express ourselves legitimately, our vulnerability effortlessly attaches us with others.

Recently I had a chance to meet, and spend some time with a fellow photographer and a poet, someone who recognizes and connects and just let it go:

Ghosts of Penn and Sachem
fill the place, a pocket nook
in the bend of the Delaware
where the seed of the seed of the
Father still blooms. Sacred,
the earth rings improbable protection
among the sputtering bones of industry
left as shards of the first comers
who worship here.
Not a son of oak or walnut
but the humble elm,
crippled by a Dutch disease
marks the place as totem,
to highlight peace, the fragility
of amity, of serving a coexistence
not broken these many years.
Thousands of markings for death and battle,
save this one for peace, tucked in
at the spawning ground of shad,
a place of plenty, shared in a
spirit of meeting, two peoples as one,
like minded for the land belongs to
no one, and lives on as testament.

©Robin Hiteshew 2012         For Peter Prusinowski and John Connors