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Penn Treaty Museum

The Penn Treaty Museum, an online museum, celebrates the 1682 Treaty of Friendship made between Lenni-Lenape Chief Tamanend and William Penn under the branches of a majestic elm. Sealed by the presentation of a wampum belt, many people believe this simple act of friendship represents the best of our human spirit.

The museum collection keeps the story of the Treaty Tree alive through poetry, art, written word, music and in relics made from the Treaty Tree and its offspring. The Museum commemorates the principles of fairness, peace and social justice that are symbolized by the Treaty Tree, a tree finally toppled on March 5, 1810 in a violent storm.

The museum sponsors educational events open to the public to share the timeless story of the Treaty.


On March 4, 2010, the Museum partnered with the Historical Society of   Pennsylvania for a program about the significance of wampum belts and peace  trees with a special focus on the 1682 Treaty that paved the way for the founding   of Pennsylvania.

At the 2010 Philadelphia Flower Show a discussion was presented on the   American Elm with the Treaty Tree highlighted.

On March 6, 2010 a Quaker Meeting was held at the historic Arch Street Meeting   House with Native Americans to commemorate the Treaty followed by Lenni- Lenape singing, dancing and  drumming.

We invite you to visit the Penn Treaty Museum at to learn more about the story of the Treaty of Friendship and how a simple act of kindness became a catalyst for social change.

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