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My name is Peter Prusinowski and this is my story:

As a young boy growing up in Poland, there was a certain, unexplainable joy I felt running and laughing alongside my friends while playing soccer. It was as if the world stood in a state of perfect harmony, even if that was far from the truth.  In high school I spent a great deal of my free time playing a variety of sports and chasing girls. I was also captivated by American Western movies. Actors such as John Wayne influenced my perceptions about not only America but the world as a whole, with values of honesty, loyalty, and bravery could be applied to all of humanity as well.And there was John Lennon whose music influenced and inspired so many.

That’s what ignited my spirit of imagination and adventure deep within my soul. With a passion for life and a curiosity for the world around me, I packed up and moved to Paris. I found myself immersed with new and uncensored ideas about the world. This entirely new perspective caused me to crave exploration and discovery even more.
Two years later my friend and I decided to go to America. As I said goodbye to my family and friends, I felt as if this move would be a permanent one. My friend and I landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a city which would forever change my life.


I began to see how the paths of my past were connecting to the major highway of my future.  Throughout my life I learned extensively about world history. I was captivated by the story of William Penn and his Treaty of Amity and Friendship with the Lenni Lenape Indians. My desire to spread the life altering elements of Love, Peace, and Friendship among humanities mirrored the very intentions of William Penn in 1682 along the riverbank in the same neighborhood I immigrated to.  This startling revelation was the first of many paths connecting.

Yet, major path was encountered almost by accident. A series of unfortunate events led me to discover the astounding world of photography. This art form became my primary means of exploration, imagination and expression within my town and more importantly within myself. I have found that through my life experiences and examining the fate of the past, one can discover their destiny.

My passion and determination to keep Love and Hope alive throughout humanity has served as inspiration for the Trail of Hope, a journey of sharing, discovery, and reflection of the past and present to inspire and provoke a brilliant future.

As I walk, I’ll document my journey with still and video cameras.

Here, you can see some of my photography work:

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