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Mike Volpe

Trail of Hope– a 2,000 miles journey

The TRAIL of HOPE traces the Lenape Indian migration from the Delaware Valley all the way to Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Each step is a tribute; each location is part of a quest. The myriad of events which occurred during the past 400 years are connected to the occurrences of today and the social issues we encounter.

As I take this Trail I will be reminded of the blood, sweat, and tears which once covered the very ground I walk upon along the way.

This journey brings together the past and the present as an effort to inspire a more hopeful future.

This trail is not only about Hope but about Unity as well.


As Martin Luther King once said, “We have flown the air like birds, and swum the seas like fishes, but have yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers.”

Down to the very core of my soul, I can sense a spiritual connection with the events along this Trail. This connection, these beliefs, has awakened a revelation inside of me.  I now understand that I was not created and placed on this earth to merely exist but rather, to discover the purpose of my existence. Each new day is not just for living but also for finding purpose in one’s life.

I believe that the gentle shadow of the Great Elm Tree’s canopy will follow me along this Trail, like an eagle protecting me under its wings. The Great Spirit will guide me throughout each new dawn. My wish is that Hope will forever wipe away the tears and the stars in the sky, with all their brightness, will carry Love and Peace to All.

The Trail of Hope manifests a quest for humanity to recognize that Peace is a continuous act of creation and Love conquers All.

Together we can make a difference in our world.

“Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.

Just walk beside me, and be my friend.”