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Mike Volpe


Under the shade of the Great Elm Tree, as leaves rustled gently in the breeze, the voices of two very different cultures could be heard sealing a unique Pact; a Pact whose spirit of Peace, Love and Friendship has endured from generation to generation.

The Treaty between William Penn and Chief Tamanend, a “treaty never written, never broken,” serves as an inspiration to all mankind. Peace can conquer adversity, misunderstanding and disparity. No culture, creed, or background can deny the premise that we all are united by the same human spirit, that “we are of one flesh and one blood”.

The Trail of Hope traces the Lenni Lenape Indian migration route from the East Coast to the Midwest and explores historical sites and events along the way. The Trail of Hope brings together the plight of Native Americans and the monumental events which helped to make the United States the nation it is today.


As I walk this Trail, I hope the inspiration of Love, Peace, and Amity symbolized by the Great Elm will ignite a flame within each of your hearts. I hope each person will have the courage and willingness to step out, one step at a time, to discover their destiny. We are all on this journey together, bound by the same human spirit.